The Alias product family consists of games for kids, grown-ups, families and friends, but the core concept remains the same across the range – these games bring people together to have a great time. There’s no test for one’s vocabulary and imagination quite like a game of Alias: explain words from the cards to the other players and move forward for each correctly guessed word. Alias is one of the most beloved Tactic concepts, which is also evident in its sheer success.

ALIAS game idea

Alias is a fun word explanation game that is played in teams of 2 or more people. The aim is to make your teammates guess the word you are explaining by giving them hints and tips. For each correct guess the team moves forward on the game board, and the team that reaches the finish space first wins the game!


  • Entry to market in 1989
  • Developed and made in Finland by Tactic Games Oy
  • Exported widely: sold in over 40 countries worldwide
  • Easily adaptable to any locale, over 20 language versions available
  • Winner of international game competitions
  • Over 5 million Alias games sold worldwide
  • The top-selling board game in Northern Europe for the past 30 years

The market for ALIAS

The target group is large, as the different versions of Alias games are aimed for both families and groups of friends of all ages. The first purchasers of Alias games are usually active and social adults who want to play board games with their families and friends. Once Alias becomes popular among the first target group the word will spread and new potential consumers will become aware of Alias games…

People want to spend quality time with their family or friends. Alias offers consumers a positive, active and cheerful way to do this! Alias celebrates togetherness!

  • Fun for all ages
  • Quality time together with friends and family
  • A game in which you can use your communication skills and wit!
  • HUGE POTENTIAL in unconquered markets

Superior Play Value promise

Superior Play Value gives the player a notion of a valuable product – one that is particularly valuable when used in play.

A game product may have SUPERIOR PLAY VALUE because of different qualities; it may have great (awarded) mechanics, amazing editorial content, be exceptionally entertaining, visually and thematically strong and intriguing or uniquely combine the aforementioned dimensions.

Superior Play Value promise for ALIAS

  • Simple game idea
  • Addictive game play
  • Great variation in content