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Alias has been the favourite game of Northern Europe for the past 30 years. People around the world have also fallen in love with it. Alias games bring people together to have a great time!

how to play ALIAS?

Alias is a fun word explanation game that is played in teams of 2 or more people. The aim is to make your teammates guess the word you are explaining by giving them hints and tips. For each correct guess the team moves forward on the game board, and the team that reaches the finish space first wins the game!

The Alias product family consists of games for kids, grown-ups, families and friends, but the core concept remains the same across the range.  Find out which one is your favourite!

Try it out! But without saying the actual word!

Word of the day

How would you explain this without saying the actual word? Try it out!

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How would you explain this without saying the actual word? Try it out!


New words annually!

New words keep Alias games fresh, local and up to date!

  • Partnership with a national language or dictionary institutions.

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Alias facts

  • Developed and made in Finland by Tactic Games Oy
  • Entry to market in 1989
  • Sold in over 40 countries worldwide
  • Over 20 language versions available
  • Winner of international game competitions
  • The top-selling board game in Northern Europe for the past 30 years

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