Snack Alias

Snack Alias, a compact game in a great price range!


Lights, Camera, Action 

Step into the world of entertainment! From famous actors to cue cards and film genres, this little Alias tests your vocabulary in a fabulous way.

Sweaty Socks 

Can you explain jockstraps, football boots or tennis rackets? Do you have the words for everything sporty- and can you beat the time to score big?

Wild world 

Nature if still of wonders from wild beasts to cuddly pets! Explore words from the wild world of nature and see how many words you can explain and guess.


Do cooking terms roll right off your tongue? Can you explain your way through your kitchen cupboard, baked goods and gourmet treats?


Age: 10+


Time: 10+

Content: 100 cards, Dice, Rules