Alias Women vs. Men

Play with your stereotypes!

Pitch women and men against each other in this exciting version of the classic word explanation game.

In this game, you can only win if you know how the opposite sex thinks!

Explain the words to your team without saying the actual word- if they guess right you are one step closer to victory. But there is a catch: women must explain words from the male world, and men get to explain decidedly feminine words!

Explain the words and try to make it to the finish space first!

  • An outrageously fun version of the classic game!
  • The players get to use their imagination and sense of humour to win.
  • The hilarious content allows the fun go on for a long time.


Age: 15+

Players: 4+

Time: 60+


Content: Game Board, 400 Cards with 2400 Words to Explain, 2 Game Pieces, 1 Sand Timer and Rules